Do people have time to react

From times immemorial tilll date human being is fighting in every way to survive. And definitely he is the commandant in all the living beings. He commands almost all the living beings on earth. Coming to the topic related, I am a new author so trying to share my views with people inmy style.
Every day when we wake up and look at the News papers,switch on the news channels every where we see breaking news and shoking news. Sometimes I find myself confused to exactly decide what to see and what not to. Earlier people used these things to improve knowledge, to know the current affairs all over the world, to know the new inventions, discoveries, people, living conditions, latest political changes etc.
And coming to the entertainment we have the two options like cinema and tv serials, Again they can be categoerised in to different heads but it is not our present topic. Everyday when I look at popular news channels headers, I will be observing one thing that there is a scroller showing present minute breaking news. Coming to the news we don't find any special news over that and we can observe the news reader sitting above will be telling the same thing in different grammatical phrases and making it a half an hour news. There we cannot find a perfect content, or else we can say many times there won't be a point for that news.
And I find, one other thing, earlier news channels used to show only news and inbetween some advertisements. They used to show news in different heads, entertainment is a small head at the end of all the topics. But now, we can see, gradually the the trend has changed moreover media has injected entertainment as the main content in the channels.
We can definitely observe in over 24 hours of the day we will be seeing these movie masala news, movie inauguration news, movie audio release functions, reality shows success functions etc,. Nobody is worried about the things. We are not even responding a single time to notice this, to ask about this.
We are also accustoming our mindsets to see and hear the trends. Just think once what is the happiness inknowing the gossips of celebrities? Let us think once if any body gossips about us then what would be our feeling. We will be telling in our close circles that I hate doing bad deeds, I don't lie, I dont gossip about neighbours. But what we are doing by encouraging these entertainment news gossips. Why we are being like this. Why don't we try to avoid for even alittle extent. We are the foregoers of our next generation. We have to show them the right way, but they don't even know what to see and what not to see in a television. 
There is a sayeth that what ever you give that comes back to you. Like this only when we keep on showing all these violence, gossips, sex, movie mirch, and all the odd things highlighted, what are we going to expect our children to become. We will be telling our children to become a good citizen but are we trying to show them the qualities that should be in a good citizen?
When we see children showing negligence towards us, irresponsible, not respecting elders etc, then just think who are responsible for their attitude! When then roots of a tree are healthier then the tree will grow in a healthy manner. So try to find some time to think what is happening around you. Try to make a change in the base of the society. Base of the society is in our homes only. Please spend some time with your family members to know their views, share and explain what to do and what not to do. This is our minimum responsibility towards our families, society and a healthier world.