Nagarjuna Bhai Interview

Nagarjuna Bhai Interview

Manmada Raja - Grikuvirudu ... I literally taitilski Akkineni Nagarjuna is not enough . Fifty Plus, Handsome Young the Hero , this time the ' Bhai ' are ahead of the audience . Annapurna Studios, the film is produced by Reliance Entertainment presentation . Directed by virabhadram the film will be released on 25th of this month . During an exclusive interview with the nagarjunato ...

*** ' Bhai day .. Dark whereby Playboy ' dialog that says .. You cestadenti six after the Playboy What ?
( Laughs ) displayed in the middle of shooting a hospital . Avvagane sutingki pekap was six in the evening , I intikelle are hadavidilo . Then there the nurses ' What have . I arayyindi . Pleboya ? Have fun . Reach all of the dialogue was antala . And ' Bhai ', he punched the other dailagkkuda getting a good response . Now , what would be the Playboy custene film is interesting .

How is your character in the film *** ever ?
Phastaph pleboylane appear throughout . Fun is fun too . The opening scenes are very intrastingga . Mafia Don , Hong Kong 's bhayki right hand , a plain man go straight into the ... Getapslo appear in three types .

This means that Dan *** Bhai , brother, that is . More ... Rakhi 'm calling you out to be women, older, emanipistundi ?
I will be happy to call brother . But , one thing . I అనుకున్నవాళ్లందరూ sister, brother, calling me , Rakhi kadite anandapadata very much .

Ever *** ' Bhai ', a film category ?
Good commercial film . Entertainment will be higher . Family are sentimentsu . Action is not vayolentga . Is very stylish . This particular category is not that movie . I will be enjoying all of the categories .

Why the decision to release the 25 Ne *** ?
More recently, three , four films release date in the case of payments padatanvalla There is a little ambiguous . A movie requires a lot of solo date . This month's end ' Krrish 3 ' is coming. It is only from November 1 to 14 in Bangalore, southern language films should not be released . Each year, the dates Kannada , Hindi , inglis films released unless other provision is not . For these reasons, the best date to the 25th , did fix release .

Taking virabhadram *** about ?
Scored well . Deraiktar good music , cinematographer ... It was agreed that all good Technicians . Production values ​​are good . Virabhadram all use exactly . Concerns I 've had to hit hard .

Songs from the film, you are very naccinavi *** ?
All are good. Mamta Mohandas sings , especially after several days . ' Rayya rayya ... ' song is sung by Mamta . Sang very well . Phone and అభినందించాలనుకుంటున్నా .

Pairasiki *** This film is going through the middle of each . If ditihec ( deraikt to home ) system will be released in theaters by the dantara to reduce piracy ?
That it is possible . However , while the release of the weekend in theaters will be lower . I know , there are no films in the cinema , which was released the same day as the release of Small skrinski . Hollywood also airanmen ' as the only big movies are released in theaters . Short films are released only ditiheclo vastayanipince low openings .

If you follow this approach in the future *** ?
Not on the same date .. First , however, I think after the second week .

*** If you have more than about 80 movies , so that a correct assessment of the film argues veyagalugutara ?
Not 80 .. Another 100 movies does not matter if the film is not due to my jayapajayalu estimate . All that is predictable argues cesestam hit film . So far as I know , a hundred per cent of the film is expected to have no vesinavallu .

Okay ... *** ' We ' visayanikoddam film . First lukki got a good response . Whose idea was it to have the look of ?
Deraiktar vikramkumarde . I told him about the story ceppinappude this photograph . Nakkuda loved . So far, 50 per cent of the film shooting was completed . Trying to be released in December .

Kalladdalatone *** you seen this film ?
But not all .. It appears that some of the scenes .

*** ' We ', the forthcoming film ?
Did nothing . Because , without rest for the last two years , doing movies . As such , I like to cool after the selection of the film . So .. The ' Bhai ' promotional activities, the ' we ' have been busy shooting .

Young appears to Fifty Plus . Mayamavvadam wrinkle injections for any ceyincukunnara botaks ?
Mayamavvadam has undergone wrinkle injection botaks atuncite , his face expressions, my feeling also vanish . Kanipistam to be freeze . Ijiga will have the injection . Another ten , fifteen , even after botaks go scenario . Nannagariki still do not wrinkle . The teeth are also very strong . So ... We are also affected by the wrinkled jeans nannagari padamanukuntunna ( laughs ) .