Mahesh Babu says sorry if the poster upset anyone's feelings

Mahesh Babu says sorry if the poster upset anyone's feelings

Mahesh Babu, being the polite star as always, stated in an interview with a newspaper that the controversy over the poster was unwarranted and is a result of seeing the poster without it's context. However, he further said he is sorry if the teaser poster hurt anyone's feelings. He said "It is a scene from a song and there is a line that goes ‘ oka ganta fish padadhama'. We are sorry if we upset people's feelings. Maybe we made a mistake, but if you see the film you will concur there is nothing distasteful".

The Star's comments may pacify those who are upset with the poster, starting with Actress Samantha's tweet and continuing with Shekhar Kammula's tweet now.


Why Samantha-Siddharth Mum On Mahesh Babu Fans' Outburst?

The tag #GetLostSamanthaandSiddharth created by superstar Mahesh Babu fans, which went viral on Twitter yesterday, has stirred the Telugu film industry. This hashtag, which was meant to spread hatredness against Samantha and Siddharth, has got 19,432 tweets in just 12 hours. But the couple has not responded to single tweet and they are mum on the Prince fans' outburst against them.

Many in the industry are wondering over what went wrong. The issue that caused the outburst is not very much clear to many. On her Twitter account, Samantha spoke about a movie poster which she felt was very regressive, but she did not make it clear on the film name. Mahesh Babu fans reportedly thought that she was referring to one particular poster of 1: Nenokkadine, which featured Prince and Kriti Sanon.

Meanwhile, Siddharth spoke about stars' access to their fans through Twitter, but he ended his conversation with a tweet, "Wash your feet & leave your hate at the door. It you don't it'll be you who loses that privilege to be part of this..left shouting. Alone... Agree or disagree all you want. The moment you question anyone's right to an opinion, well that just makes you a bully, a terrorist even." Many film goers were hurt by his comparison of fans to a terrorist. Following the tweets of the couple, the tag #GetLostSamanthaandSiddharth started trending on Twitter like never before. Shocked by the flood of hate tweets many in the film nagar went busy thinking over the motive behind this outburst. But a few cannot stop asking this question: Why Samantha and Siddharth are mum on the issue?

Later what happend?

Mahesh Babu fans attack Samantha on Twitter:

Actress Samantha's recent tweet about a "regressive" Telugu movie poster had her under fire.

Hundreds of what appeared as Mahesh Babu fans, fired off threatening messages against the actress on the social network.

Even rumoured boyfriend Siddharth was not spared by the horde, which tweeted under the handle #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth

One Santosh Reddy (handle @alumalla) wrote, You feel that you are too smart. But the fact is that u r so dumb. we never want to see u again in telugu films. Another tweet, by a ‘Mahesh Bhakthudu' said, she'll retire after 3yrs. When will you @Actor_Siddharth?

Others spurred on the hate campaign.

@raghukiran19913h wrote, It's trending guys make it big!! We should teach them.

It remains unclear which Telugu movie poster Samantha was tweeting about and the actress refused to comment when DC reached out to her for a quote.
There was, however, support too.

@prudhvi_pa­wan56m tweeted, Opinions are to be respected,this is her take on a poster.please guys, act as humans.

What's interesting is that even Pawan Kalyan fans — a very active group on Twitter — were part of the fight. A few even claimed that it was Samantha's supposed tweet against Pawan Kalyan that started off the hate attack.