Nayanthara demands and gets caravan during Anamika shoot

Nayanthara demands and gets caravan during Anamika shoot

Nayanthara is said to have demanded that she be provided a separate caravan during the shoot of her upcoming film titled Anamika. Sekhar Kammula is directing the film which is being made simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu. As reported earlier, Anamika is the remake of the Bollywood super-duper hit film Kahaani which starred Vidya Balan in the lead role.Nayan, who has made a successful comeback to Tamil films with back-to-back hits in Raja Rani and Arrambam, has a handful if interesting projects in Tamil with films opposite Simbu, ‘Jayam' Ravi, Udhayanidhi (one is ready to release and another is to take off soon) besides Anamika.

The shoot of the film has been going on in Mumbai and Hyderabad. As Nayan is a top actress, she is allowed the ‘caravan facility' by most film-makers. However, Sekhar doesn't like his actors and actresses making use of the caravan and thought he would have his say with Nayantara.

However, Nayan made it absolutely clear that she didn't bother about Sekhar's policy and demanded that she be provided with a perfect caravan to use during breaks in shoots. She also said that she won't continue to shoot unless a caravan was provided. After some argument, Sekhar gave in and Nayan was provided with a luxury caravan after which the shoot continued.

Earlier, the script was reportedly modified to suir Nayanthara's preferences. Nayanthara is believed to have conveyed her discomfort in playing the role of a pregnant woman. According to the insiders, the script had been modified based on Nayan's preferences.

As we are seeing that every Tollywood film is entering into controversaries even before the release of the film. They are creating new type of ads to make their films publicity in this competitive world. The film unit has been doing more creations on their movies to get into a good publicity. In this movement, they made into different controversaries in getting publicity. Recently actress Nayantara ‘Anamika' which has been directed by Sekhar Kammula added into the same list.

The film is the remake of famous Bollywood blockbuster film ‘Kahaani' and the story is all about women empowerment movement. The latest buzz is the film Anamika poster made talk of the media this time. The poster is of Ajay Swaminathan pencil sketch pic and made headline as wanted. They also commented that the person is missing and intimate to the following address ( if anyone knows any details.

This is the new type of publicity to the film Anamika which the film unit made. But on the other side, Hindu Makkal reported that this is cheap trick played by them and this degrades the Hindu culture. Also it is said that the Hindu Makkal committee was fully opposite to this type of poster and banned in some areas. The director Sekhar Kammula reacted with his statement as "We just make the poster to increase the publicity towards our film and this doesn't affect any other culture or traditions."

Let us see how much luck will get to actress Nayantara ‘Anamika'.