An open letter to Jana Sena's Party Founder Pawan Kalyan

An open letter to Jana Sena's Party Founder Pawan Kalyan

I was a hardcore fan of the Mega family until yesterday. I watched all your movies from Tholiprema. Whenever someone in my circle questioned your personal life, I supported you - my belief and my answer has always been that it is your personal life. When I first heard rumors about #JanaSena, I thought it was being formed to question the politicians, not to simply acquire power. I was happy with that notion until you showed your colors - just the way your brother did... by Devendar Gona.

Like your brother, you are also
for a few, not for all!!!

You started answering all the questions raised against your personal life, waited ... waited .... waited .. till the end of speech, I expected you to raise your voice on the problems. At the end of the speech, however, I understood that you have a narrow agenda and wanted to question only few people, not all.

You made it clear that your fight will be against the Congress for the way it has divided the state. Along the way, you also targeted Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) leaders for whipping up regional feelings among people.

Now, I have a few questions to ask you.

How did you enter the cinema industry and then the politics?

You questioned the culture of relatives of present MLAs and MPs getting into politics. On the same token, aren't you a beneficiary of the same culture? Why don't you look within before pointing elsewhere?

Telugu film industry is ruled by the members of four families from different generations -- Akkinenis’, Nandamuris’, Daggubatis’ and Chiranjeevi's family. You entered the industry and survived your initial failure simply by being Chiranjeevi's brother. In fact the entire Mega family lineage -- including Ram Charan Tej, Allu Arjun, Allu Sirish and the soon to debut Varun Tej -- started in the industry because of their familial association with Chiranjeevi, not by their own merits.

In fact, by monopolizing the film industry with your own kin, you've reduced the opportunities for hundreds of genuinely talented actors.

Be the change you want to see in the system.

Where are the accounts of PRP's funds?

You threatened to expose TRS leaders on how they made money in the name of separate Telangana state. Your speech also indicated that Jana Sena Party will put a check on the ways of TRS and its leaders and you said that KCR’s daughter Kavitha should maintain an account of the funds earned by his father and party.

Why did you target only TRS on funds? Have you seen the accounts of all the other parties in the state, including that of your own brother's #PRP? Word on the street is, PRP is the most corrupt party of all that started with an anti-Congress and anti-TDP agenda, but merged with the Congress at "a cost".

Is your brother Innocent?

Each and everyone in Andhra Pradesh knows about your brother and your commitment to your brother Chiranjeevi. You said society and country are more important you, but your words -- "I stand against my brother today because of Congress" -- it appears that you prefer your family over the society.

"Was there a need for 600 youth to commit suicide for giving Telangana?"

Why didn't you question your brother Chiranjeevi on telangana seperation issue? In 2009 elections, PRP openly announced support for a separate state of Telangana. After elections your brother changed the voice. We believe your brother and you, and your irresponsible and politically motivated statements are responsible for the loss of 100's of Telangana youth. Congress, although a part, isn't the only reason for the death of the Telangana's youth.

Why PRP made a U turn on Telangana after 2009 elections?

Chiranjeevi has turned his back on a separate Telangana.
Even though this could mean angry Pro-Telangana groups will not allow any films from Chiranjeevi's family to be screend in the Telangana region.

Why haven't you questioned parties that changed their voice on Telangana ?

  • You said you're ready to support any party other than congress.
  • From your speech, I gather that the only reason for launching Jana Sena is the way bifurcation was handled by the Congress.
  • Is Congress the only party that is responsible?
  • Going back to my earlier question, why aren't you questioning other parties who kept jumbling their stance on telangana until they made a mess of the whole situation?
  • If you support those parties, aren't you in effect, denying the whole purpose of your own party?
What's the difference between Congress and other parties of AP?
Why were you silent at the time of bifurcation?
In each and every line of speech, you said that you support telangana, but despise the way the bifurcation was handled. Where were you when the bifurcation happened? In fact, where were you after the 2009 elections when the Telangana agitation intensified and discussions were being held to bifurcate the state? Where were you when parties were shifting their every night?
Why did it take you so long to come out about your problems with the bifurcation? What's the real motive behind the establishment of your party?
Is Jana Sena shadow of the same politicians that were boycotted by Telangana people?
In Telangana, there is no space for parties that worked against bifurcation. I believe they are just trying to use Telangana as a way to woo the voters of the new AP. Are you trying to divide the voters with the alliance of TDP or LS or YSRCP, who are directly responsible for the 100's of lives of youth in Telangana.
Why did the division leave you "disgusted"?
You said that you can't stand the fact that Seemandhraites' self-respect was taking a beating.
Being an actor, you may have been busy with movies, especially after you left PRP. But, surely, you must have been following the bifurcation closely, right? Why haven't you raised your voice then, when all the parties were playing with self-respect of Telangana people. Did you actually ever care about that?
You slept through the bifurcation and now you're questioning the phenomenon. Something about your intentions and your timing seems fishy.
Are you really committed for Jana Sena?
Pawan Kalyan is known for doing things emotionally without thinking much. In a gesture indicative of this behavior, you started the '#CommonManProtectionForce'. The promises made during the launch of that organization and the subsequent press meet were big. But all these months down the line nothing seems to have emerged from it.
Will Jana Sena end up like #CMPF or will it survive the test of time? Can we expect agenda and future plans to show you are for society, not for family?
What you trusted and expected from Congress?
You ended two-hour speech with a message to Congress bigwigs Sushil Kumar Shinde, Jairam Ramesh, P. Chidambaram and others - referring to them by name - saying

"This is a call to all of you. We are deeply hurt by the way the state was divided. We trusted you and you backstabbed us."

Can you clarify how they back-stabbed you? Were you expecting that they wouldn't bifurcate the state?

Was JanaSena born from family problems or social issues ?

Your brother is going to lead the Congress party in Andhra Pradesh, but you are encouraging anti-Congress wave through you "Congress hatao... Desh bachao.. " campaign. In fact, even your brother Nagendra Babu wants to join Chiranjeevi in Congress.

If social issues are the spark for Jana Sena, why don't you ask your brothers to step out of the Congress daemon and join you? If they're not joining your party, are they fighting against social interests?

Is bifurcation the only problem that AP is faced with?

You should have talked about development of Andhra Pradhesh and Telangana, or else you should raised voice on issues coming out of bifurcation that must be resolved the in the future. Instead, you kept asking questions about the past.

What is the difference between TDP, YSRCP, LokSatta and Jana Sena. You are here today, but those parties have for long been fighting against congress on bifurcation. Even you can't seem to find a single genuine problem in Seemandhra.

I expected you to talk about the fate of tribals and where the bifurcation leaves them. I expected you to talk about division of resources and other such problems facing both the new states. Alas, you've disappointed me.

If you don't see any problems in AP, what's the point of Jana Sena Party?