Maggi Noodles Banned & Must Punish advertisers, Promoters behind bars

Maggi Noodles Banned & Must Punish advertisers, Promoters behind bars

Celebrities must not participate, promote a brand or product unless they are partners/take liabilities in that product.

Big B, Madhuri Dixit, Preeti Zinta, Tammana and many other actors acting in various ads caused many troubles to normal people.

First thing all the movie actors promotions must be stopped, if they act they personally have face value just like any politician and they are responsible personally and not otherwise.

Some people buy because of their fame and fanatic only.
  • Salman khan for kids Tiger biscuits (what if their is problem in those)
  • Kajol talks about diapers and Jyothika talks about Oil and Coffe powder
  • And Karthi and Kajal as if they are husband and wife they keep coming on the ads
Just few years back Parthibhan promoted Hens business in SUN Tv next 8 months later and the whole business model is closed and thousands of Tamil people lost their savings houses because of the scam.

Because actors/actresses the major companies making more sales (RICH BECOMING RICHER AND POOR GETTING POOR)
  • Regular models are losing jobs
  • Public are miss leaded.
  • Bigger companies getting bigger and smaller companies are closing shutters.
  • The competition is getting higher and quality getting lower